Give us your plans.

We’ll take it from there.

Our service and software are designed to deliver tangible results – in real time.


Our process begins with your plans. Then, we take it from there.

Digitize Plans (aka Digital Twin)

Our team works with your architects/engineers to develop a “digital twin.” Your development team and all the trade partners will know exactly what is being built and you can be assured all conflicts are resolved and opportunities are explored in a digital environment before construction begins.


Then our software creates a bill of materials in about 5 seconds. But it doesn’t stop there. In 5 more seconds you have a critical path schedule.


We then apply our software as a service.


We track labor productivity at an activity and trade level. The “magic” of our technology is that it sends out an automated text message to the individual trade foreman with a simple question at the end of each work day (ie “Is the 2nd floor interior framing 50% complete? Yes or No?). Their response takes a few seconds and then the schedule is automatically updated. If the answer was “No”, the follow up question is “what percentage is complete?”, followed by “what was the cause of the delay?” We also built in predictive analytics to inform trades downstream if activities are trending ahead or behind. Studies show that +90% of all text messages are responded to in 5 minutes. Imagine if your project schedule was updated every single day at a digitally precise level of detail. This methodology holds everyone accountable and the trades also become a major beneficiary.


Every step from that point is automated via a simple text-messaging interface. Builders and their trade partners receive automated construction instructions and, using our productivity tracker, schedules are updated accordingly. From there, key data is captured for analysis.


This all leads to a better homeownership experience.


Every project is issued a unique BILTid, which is like a VIN for a car. Because a digital twin was created, we can provide all details about the real estate asset along with operational requirements. Because we tracked every construction activity each day, we know what was installed, who installed it, when it was installed, what the weather conditions were and the specific labor productivity rates. Manufacturers of the materials will also know where and how their products were used and can be more effective supporting the maintenance and operations of the building. The bottom line is that having this information will make the real estate assets more valuable and easier to operate.

We're building a market network

Across the country, our software is creating links between previously siloed participants in the building process. From trade partners to manufacturers, this network will increase value for each member of our ecosystem. Information will be shared and members will hold each other accountable.

Trade Partners
Architects & Engineers
Trade Workers
Code Authorities
Service Providers
Home Owners

What sets Digibilt apart?


Since we want to make it simple for builders, we digitize the builder’s traditional 2-D plans to create a fully coordinated 3-D “Digital Twin” of their product. That’s the starting point for Digibilt’s software.


The “Digital Twin” is the engine that drives Digibilt’s software. With it, we can create a bill of materials and critical path schedule in a matter of seconds. All communication with our builders is coordinated via simple daily text messages to provide video instructions, track labor productivity and automatically update critical path schedules. Since we track and measure everything about the building process, you’re guaranteed to see an improvement with each project.